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*Couples discount only applies to basic instruction. Couples discount does not apply to Personal Protection or advanced courses. Two hour minimum may apply. Please contact Brian Mobley at 832.226.5252 for details.

**Two hour minimum may apply

Introduction To Personal Protection With A Gun And Advanced Personal Protection With A Gun
These courses are designed to take an entry level shooter or someone who has never fired a gun before and make them a confident, safety conscious and a highly skilled pistol shooter. By the end of the courses, most shooters will have the ability to draw their gun and fire (2) rounds accurately in under 1.7 seconds or faster! You will also learn proper drawing technique, trigger prepping and sight alignment.

Introduction To Personal Protection With A Gun:
This course starts with a good foundation based on safety, proper mindset, proper grip and stance and sight alignment. This is a rock solid start and most shooters will have the ability to hit the 9 ring on a target at will and emphasis on sight alignment, trigger prep and basic malfunction drills.

Advanced Personal Protection With A Gun :
Course 3 or APP 1 puts your gun in it's holster and you begin to learn proper drawing technique, how to acquire a proper sight picture with the trigger prepped and then how to touch off the shot.  This will be reinforced by putting you on a shot timer. You will be proficient enough to draw your pistol and fire (2) rounds in under 1.7 seconds accurately. This ability will put you in the top 5% of most of the shooters that use our range!
*** Classes have a 5 person minimum and 20 person maximum ***

What You Will Need For These Courses

1. Preferably a mid to full-size semi-automatic handgun. The ARMS ROOM does offer pistol rentals.
2. A minimum of (3) magazines. You can get by with (2) magazines but (4) magazines are ideal.
3. Ammunition. (1) box of (50) to start off with. You will possibly need more as you progress through the courses. The ARMS ROOM sells ammunition as well.
4. A strong side holster. No shoulder, ankle or small of back holsters may be used.
5. A support side magazine holster that can hold (2) or more magazines.
6. A sturdy gun belt.
7. Flat shoes or boots. No open toed shoes or flip-flops.
8. A shirt with a high neck to keep hot brass from going down your shirt. A t-shirt is fine.
9. Eye and ear protection. The ARMS ROOM will be happy to provide these for you if you do not have your own.

Learn To Shoot Class***

We cover basic safety rules as well as basic operation of a handgun. We also demonstrate how to operate, load, unload, engage safeties, aiming, proper grip, firing as well as returning the gun to safe.

The course is held the first and last Wednesday of every month and starts at 6:30pm. The course is about 2 hours long depending on how many students arrive.

The cost of the course is $75 per person. The ARMS ROOM will provide the .22LR pistols and ammunition. PLEASE DO NOT bring your own firearms!

The benefits of proper instruction, followed by proper practice is immeasurable. Training and practice build confidence which leads to good judgement. The more comfortable we are with our self defense firearm the safer everyone is.


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