Concealed Handgun License

Here are a list of commonly asked questions regarding obtaining a Concealed Handgun License. For additional information – please contact us at 832-226-5252832-226-5252

Q:  How do I apply for a License?

A:  We highly recommend that you attend our Concealed Handgun License class BEFORE you apply online to determine your eligibility or any discounts that may apply. You can apply for the license online at here OR print, fill out and mail in the appropriate forms located under the “Downloadable Forms” tab in the left-hand navigation bar of the CHL website.

Q:  How long is the license valid?

A:  The initial licenses are valid for (four) years. Renewal licenses are valid for (five) years. The license will remain valid as long as you continue to meet all the eligibility criteria.

Q:  What is the cost of the class?

A:   Initial (First Time)……………. $85.00

The fee includes:

  • Approximately five hours of classroom and range instruction (State of Texas requires four hours)
  • Notification of CHL course completion (CHL-100 Form)
  • Two color passport photos
  • Range fee
  • Review of documents

Q:  Where can I get electronic fingerprinting?

A:  All fingerprints must be submitted through Electronic Fingerprint Submission.  Log on to to find a location near you.

Q:  Is the fee associated with collecting fingerprints part of the $140.00 CHL application fee?

A:   No. Fingerprint collection fees are separate from the $140.00 original application fee and are not paid to TX DPS. The fingerprint fee is $9.95 and must be paid to the State’s designated fingerprint collection vendor.

Q:  What do I need to bring to class?

A:  You will need your semi-automatic handgun or revolver (all handguns will be inspected by instructor) in .32 caliber or larger (i.e. .380ACP, 38SPC, 9MM, 40S&W, 45ACP, etc…), 50 rounds of ammunition, one magazine and your confirmation email, which includes your checklist. If you have not received your confirmation email in time for the class, DO NOT PANIC! The class can be taken without the checklist. Rental pistols are also available if you do not have your own firearm. The fee for rental pistols is $10.00 and ammunition must be purchased from The Arms Room.  You will also need to bring hearing and eye protection or purchase it from The Arms Room.

Q:  What time does the class start?

A:  Applicants should arrive for class at 7:15 a.m. for the morning class.

Q:  Where is the CHL course held?

A:  The course will be held at:

Gun Store/Indoor Gun Range
3270 Gulf Freeway South
Dickinson, TX 77539

Q:  What should I expect?

A:  An interesting and informative day!

*** Classes subject to cancellation if five person minimum is not reached. ***